A big-sized bump or a tastes choco-enough-caramel

Genoise amounts
8 eggs
200 g sugar
200 g flour
Weight 8 g
Salt and vanilla
30 g grew up
6 bitter cocoa sachet (42 g)
Liquid cream liter (Holala or Magic)
Spoon Niscafe
100 g caramel sauce (royal)
For the bartender
Normal Ciro ideal for water and sugar with caramel flavor
To decorate
N and two
Chocolate and roasted almond chips
Way to go.
Be the yolk from egg whites and start with the electric blender with a splash of salt and add half the amount of sugar gradually until we came to have more ng, we have a cheese, and directly landero the same process for the whistle but with the addition of vanilla Alternate salt and half the amount of sugar left as well gradually until it opens its color.
The yolk is on the white and move quietly from bottom up until it blends a little bit and start adding flour with the cococoa yeast and originated by a sieve on 3 times and always stir from down to top until the mixture drinks every amount of the I’m sorry.
Split the mixture on 3 tiles and let it a little thin layer
We enter it ok on the heat of 150 until 180 according to the oven or a quiet fire for the gas oven, and it’s more than ten minutes.
Nklyw it completely cool and start montage
Be the cream of me to be sleeping in the fridge full night (necessary to give you a large amount) with coffee and caramel thefront stall you don’t look more.
Coordinate the genoaz with sero and run a generous layer of ready caramel lines and a marginalized and continue in the same way until we ask the layers
We enter it frozen full night and after a little scars with caramel and it’s iced we try to get on the face equally net and decorating according to desire, health and comfort.

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