Best Carrot Cake


spray cooking cake
3 c. All purpose flour
1 1/2 teaspoon. Kosher salt
2 tsp. Baking soda
2 tsp. Cinnamon
2 c. Granulated sugar
1 1/2 c. Vegetable oil
4 large eggs
1 teaspoon. Pure vanilla extract
3 c. Grated carrots
1 c. Pecan, roughly chopped, plus more for 1g decoration

Cream Cheese Skin
1 (8 oz) cream cheese , diluted
1/2 g . (1 stick) soft butter
1 tsp. Pure vanilla extract
4 c. soft sugar


  1. Heat the oven at 350 degrees, and decorate a 2-8 inch round cake pan with a cooking spray. In a large bowl, mix flour, salt, baking soda and cinnamon.
  2. In another large bowl with a hand mixer (or in an existing mixer bowl), whisk sugar and oil together until it mixes well. Add 1 egg each time, beating well after each addition, then add vanilla. Mix the dry ingredients until they are just mixed. Add carrots, pecans and raisins.
  3. Divide the mixture evenly between the prepared pans. Bake it until the toothpick enters the center, for 45 minutes. Let it cool for 15 minutes, then turn the cake onto a cooling rack and let it cool completely.
  4. Create Freeze: In a large bowl with a hand mixer, whisk together the cheese and butter until smooth. Add vanilla, powdered sugar and whisk again until smooth and smooth.
  5. Frosting cake to taste and decorate it with an American walnut.

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