Cooked Chicken & Cozy Noodles /Crock Pot


1 24 ounce – frozen egg noodles
2 – 14.7 ounces cans – creamy chicken soup – sometimes I use 1 can of chicken and 1 cream box of celery
1 stick (1/2) cup butter – cut into pieces
1-32 ounces chicken broth – you may want The increase in thinness, if very thick. Frozen noodles thickened mixed gravy
vegetables – optional – I did not use this
chicken broth as desired – optional – add a teaspoon of the best chicken paste with chicken flavor – to get a richer chicken flavor
6 boneless, skinless chicken breasts or 4
salt and a large pepper If desired – some parsley can also be added if desired


Chicken breasts, salt and pepper in the bottom of the clay pot. Spoon soup over chicken. Cut the butter into several pats and place the pieces evenly over the soup.
The broth failed with broth and pour over soup.
Place the cap on the bowl and turn it low. Cook for 6 hours.
Remove the chicken and shred it into pieces. Add back to the bowl.
Now add the pasta and if you add the vegetables add now. Cook for two hours or until the pasta becomes a desired sheet. I flipped a few times over the past two hours. (You may want to add more broth to the thinnest at the end of cooking, as pasta is made in the broth, which we like.)
Sprinkle with parsley and mix, if used at the end of cooking.
Salt and pepper when needed. Yum!

If you like this recipe please enjoy and share!

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