Delicious Toffee Cake

Delicious toffee cake

We make the cake
Whisk two eggs with a splash of vanilla and half a cup of sugar
If we flush a little bit, add half a cup of oil to it. And a box of yogurt and mix. Add a cup, a quarter of flour, a spoon of baking powder, and mix and pour it with a tray painted and oven 180 degrees.
And if you get rid of it, we red. And let it be cool outside for a while.
We prepare the cream caramel and make holes with cake. And we give it cream and put it in the fridge until it cools completely.

We settle the toffee
A cup of sugar has a cup of coffee that is not full of May. A light salt workshop, we stir them and put them on a quiet fire without a final stir. Until he takes the color you want. Then we will drop a quarter of a butter finger on it and move them fast. And we lift them up and pour them a cream and move fast. And we return them to the fire for a while, but it will harmonize the mix. Let’s turn it off, let it cool, hold it together, pour it on the cake, and lightly plan Hershey Wonnebard the cake after and wellness, a very delicious cake
The cream is caramel. I needed Hani to
3 spoons of powder milk + caramel cream envelope + may cup. And the fire stir until it boils