Sweet Meatballs

One of sweets that bring no oven and no effort only with ingredients
Ready but with different taste for holidays and events.

_ three cups of ready biscuits sold in regular shops and no matter the quality and grind it well.
_ half a cup of durable butter or ghee.
_ cup of any kind of roasted nuts and special peanuts with roasted sesame.
_ Half a cup of honey or heavy shira.
_ half a cup of sweet Damascus, Tahini or sweet leaving each country and named and disposable.
_ Half a glass of sweetened and disposable milk.
_ Half cup of coconut and disposable.

The way is simple:
Mix all the cuits with some biscuits and nuts after grinding them well then empty them half a cup of butter or ghee after a little bit and add half a cup of honey and the rest of the ingredients if available, it doesn’t matter like a sweet sham or tahini and half a cup of concentrated milk Domestic if available doesn’t matter.
❤ Note for the sweets of Damascus or Tahini and for sweetened center milk and coconut remain optional and additional ingredients if available only to boost flavor and disposable.
Mix well all the ingredients and tighten it well until you hold on and then shape them as you want whether kiryat
Or roll it up and cut it with a knife for a stains
Or try to simplify it well and cut it into square,
Important as shown in the photos,
Then enter the fridge until it’s completely cool and then decorate it and dip it with chocolate sauce, spray nuts, sesame or coconut as desired and enter the fridge to cool completely again.
🍫 Chocolate sauce whether black or white:
Melt chocolate in a water bath on a quiet fire or
Preheat a tablet or box of chocolate with half a cup of milk on a quiet fire until the mixture is completely and then
Turn off the fire and add tablespoons of oil or butter and don’t stop stirring until you find glitter and lightness in chocolate sauce.

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