White Chocolate Bacon Bread Pudding

Cooking time: 1 hour Preparation time: 20 minutes Number of meals: 10-15


1/2 loaf of broiler bread
6 eggs
6-8 Bacon steak
1 c pecans, halves
1 kg vanilla chips or white chocolate; 12 ounces.
1/2 butter adhesive
1/2 c of powdered sugar
2 tbsp ground cinnamon
1 tablespoon of vanilla
1 1/2 g brown sugar
3-4 c heavy whipping cream

1. Collect your supplies. Using a non-stick spray, prepare a baking pan. Preheat oven to 350.
2. Cut bacon into small pieces and put in a skillet over medium heat. The bacon is also cooked somewhat crunchy, using a slotted spoon, transferred to a covered paper towel to absorb the grease. Remove most of the grease while keeping some to bake the pecans. This will add bacon flavor to the dish. Remove pecans to cool and raw.
3. In layers, tear the bread, put in a skillet and sprinkle with brown sugar. Then we sprinkle some chocolate chips, pecans and bacon. Add cinnamon and dot with small amounts of butter. Repeat until the packages are full. Lightly pack.Note: Keep 1/2 of the white chocolate chips for garnishing and a little bacon and walnuts for garnishing.
4. In a bowl with four measuring cups or cups, break the eggs and fill the balance with whipped cream. Add cinnamon and vanilla, mix well with the hand. At this point, I would like to lift the frying pan filled with brown sugar. Now, pour the egg / cream mixture slowly over the baking mixture, evenly.
5. Depending on your franc, you might want to use a water bath, with just a biscuit sheet. I cook oven at home, but when I cook it in Rec Recec Pellet Grill, I don’t. To the oven, for hard candy, cook for about 60-70 minutes. Check with your toothpick to see if this is done. However, if you like it, cook it less.
6. Cool your baking pudding, and usually flip it over a bun dish to loosen itself.
7. To get the top layer, put almost all the white chocolate chips in a frying pan (with the exception of a little for decorating) on ??the stove top with a spray of cream. Preheat until smooth. Add the powdered sugar until the required thickness is reached.

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